Episode Review : Idoling!!! - 20101108 #693

Participating Members
Mai Endo, Fonchi, Rurika Yokoyama, Suzuka Morita, Yui Kawamura, Hitomi Sakai, Nao Asahi, Ami Kikuchi, Ai Okawa, Kaede Hashimoto & Ruka Kurata

Hidetomo Masuno, Sayaka Morimoto

Song Performances
Eve [Idoling (2010)]

Main Segment
Idoling no Curry-ngu!!!

This is Idoling!!!'s Curry-ng!!! where Idoling!!!'s members are chosen to cook curry for the participating members to taste in order to decide who is the best when it comes to curry. Apparently this segment is born out of the whim of the staff since the members were pretty tick off when asked whether they know how to cook curry or not. Most of them were like "Don't look down on us okay!" Thus, its time to put the words to the test. Winner of the test will be given the privilege to cook a curry meal for Sanma during their appearance in Sanma no Manma. Ruka isn't supposed to appear in this episode though, but the girl accidentally line up with the members and it was too late when they realized that she's not in the schedule. I don't know, my bet is that she just want to eat XD.

AD "Mister" Uematsu is here again to help out and lend his so called expertise in curry.

Uematsu doesn't seem to be that pumped up for this segment though. I guess he could pretty much guess the quality of the goods in question. Masuno was bashing at him for being only useful in the mini 4WD series but he was quite enthusiastic during the opening the eva box thing. But of course, the episode is lame.

Lineup for the judgment

Everyone loves #1

This is not Japan

Curry #5 seems to be the most problematic one. Its salty and tasted like there's a sour plum inside the dish. It seems kind of extreme though that Asahi described #5 as "An insult to mothers". Everyone ran to #1 again to fix the after taste from #5 and it seems that the result of the test is pretty obvious but suddenly...

Ruka voted #5

Don't you feel sorry for #5?

The show goes on to celebrate the winner and of course bashing on the one who is the least favored. Overall this is a pretty entertaining episode. Ookawa described #2 as "it tasted like the curry eraser used in school" and in the end Uematsu really didn't do much after all.

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