News: Idoling!!! Third Live

Fuji TV has announced two new Idoling!!! concert dates. These concerts will be the first to feature the new 18-member lineup. The tentative title for this series of concerts is Kimeru nara Kotoshi no Natsussung!!!

Both shows will be at Zepp Tokyo on July 5th--one at 3:30 PM and another at 7:00 PM. Tickets go on sale May 10th and will be 4000 yen for those who purchase tickets in advance and 4500 yen on the day of the concerts.



News: Idoling!!! DVDs in June

Three new Idoling!!! DVD releases have been announced for the month of June.

Idoling!!! First Live 「Motto Ganbare Otome (Warai)」
Catalog Number: PCBP-51556
Release Date: 2008.06.18

This is a DVD of Idoling!!!'s first concert at the Shinagawa Stellar Ball back on December 15, 2007. Bonus features include a "making of" video from the Snow Celebration Music+Drama, an original mini drama, and a new member self-introduction video.

Idoling!!! Second Live 「Daiji na Mono」
Catalog Number: PCBP-51557
Release Date: 2008.06.18

This is a DVD of Idoling!!!'s second concert mini-tour, which included two shows at Shibuya-AX and one show at Osaka Big Cat. The DVD will mainly feature one of the Shibuya-AX shows, but will include bonus footage from the other two shows. Bonus features include rehearsal footage, a backstage documentary, and messages about the concert from the new members.

Idoling!!! Season 1 DVD Box
Catalog Numbers: PCBC-60921 (Limited), PCBC-60922 (Regular)
Release Date: 2008.06.27

At this point, the specifics of this DVD box are unclear. Presumably, it is a collection of early Idoling!!! episodes, but exactly which episodes, or even if they will be entire episodes, is unknown. The DVDs are stated to have a lot of behind-the-scenes bonus features, and the packages come with some extra goods. The regular edition comes with one poster picked randomly from a set of 18, and the limited edition comes with a photobook and a two-sided changing card.



News: Information about Hitomi Miyake

Sankei Sports posted an article about Idoling 17gou, Hitomi Miyake, and thanks to Tokyograph's translation, we now have a bit of information about this new member.

Hitomi Miyake is the winner of Watanabe Entertainment's second B-Girl Audition, which is an audition for new gravure idols. Hitomi will be the second Idoling!!! member coming from Watanabe Entertainment, the first being Rumi Koizumi.

In addition to joining Idoling!!!, Hitomi will have an anime voice acting role in the new Code Geass sequel.