Mujouken☆Koufuku Details

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More details about Idoling!!!'s upcoming single, Mujouken☆Koufuku, have appeared on the Idoling!!! Web site. The complete tracklist is as follows:

1 - Mujouken☆Koufuku
2 - Houkago Telepathy
3 - U
4 - Mujouken☆Koufuku (Instrumental)

Limited edition A (PCCA-02963) will come with a bonus DVD that includes the PV for Mujouken☆Koufuku and the making videos for both the CD cover and the PV. Limited edition B (PCCA-02964) will come with a bonus DVD that includes the PV for baby blue and the making video for that PV. The regular edition (PCCA-02965) will come with a trading card randomly chosen from a set of 18.

People who purchase the single from Tower Records, HMV, Shinseido, or Tsutaya will receive "changing jacket stickers" that are unique to each chain. Other stores will have Idoling!!! posters to give away.

Source 1: Idoling!!! Official Web Site
Source 2: natalie.mu


Idoling!!! 8th Single - Mujouken☆Koufuku

It was announced that Idoling!!!'s eighth single, Mujouken☆Koufuku, has been scheduled for release on July 22, 2009. The title of the song translates to Unconditional☆Happiness. There will be two limited editions(PCCA-02963, PCCA-02964), both with different bonus DVDs. The regular edition (PCCA-02965) will come with a trading card. Like every other Idoling!!! CD released to date, people who purchase the single from certain stores will receive bonus items exclusive to the stores.

The first performance of Mujouken☆Koufuku was shown on this week's Idoling!!! Nikki, and it can be seen at the top of this post. Thanks to doughnutandcoffee for uploading the video.

Source: Idoling!!! Official Web Site