Schedule Updates - 2009.02.22

  • Fonchi was the assistant MC at the Winternet '09 Valentine・Special Live event on February 14.
  • Mira Takiguchi will appear at an event titled Mikakunin Uwasabanashi Chousa Team URS Talk Live on February 26.
  • Maria Eto will appear at a release event for her upcoming photobook, O・to・na?!, on March 1.
  • Idoling!!!'s fifth live and handshake event is scheduled for March 18.
  • Mira Takiguchi and Suzuka Morita will appear at a release event for Hop Club's upcoming single, Yumemiru Seishun, on March 21.
  • Sayaka Kato will appear at three release events for her upcoming DVD, Fan38Half, on April 12.
  • Erika Yazawa will appear in Young Magazine No.13 on February 23.
  • Mai Endo and Erica Tonooka will appear in Kindai on February 23 and B.L.T. on February 24.
  • Erica Tonooka will appear in Scola on February 25.
  • The regular Love Berry, B.L.T., and Scola magazine appearances have been added for March.
  • Suzuka Morita will appear in Terebi-kun, Toei Hero Max, Tokusatsu New Type, and TV Magazine regularly beginning in March, thanks to her role in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.
  • Serina Nagano will appear in Chu→Boh Vol.30 on March 3.
  • Rurika Yokoyama will appear in Young Gangan No.06 on March 6.
  • A DVD collection containing all of Idoling!!!'s PVs (including the sub-unit PVs), titled Idoling!!! Music Video Collection 2007-2009, will be released on March 18.
  • Mira Takiguchi and Suzuka Morita's other unit, Hop Club, has a new single titled Yumemiru Seishun scheduled for release on March 21.
  • Mai Endo, Rurika Yokoyama, and Hitomi Sakai appeared on Nounai Este IQ Supli on February 14.
  • AKBIdoling!!! was featured on News!371~Idol on February 21.
  • Erika Yazawa will appear on Tutorial no Chu Shite! on February 24.
  • Mira Takiguchi will appear on Ahoyanen! Sukiyanen! on March 4.
  • Rurika Yokoyama will appear on The! Sekai Gyouten News on March 4.
  • The Winternet '09 Valentine・Special Live event that Fonchi appeared on will be broadcast on March 13.
  • Erika Yazawa will appear on 3 Minutes Show! on March 19.
  • Erika Yazawa, Rurika Yokoyama, Ami Kikuchi, and Hitomi Miyake will appear on Cho-on 2 ~Super Music~ on March 28.


Sayaka Kato, Maria Eto, Mira Takiguchi, Michelle Miki to Graduate from Idoling!!!

On the February 13th episode of Idoling!!! Nikki, it was announced that Sayaka Kato, Maria Eto, Mira Takiguchi, and Michelle Miki would graduate from Idoling!!! at the group's fifth live concert on March 18. Kato, Eto, and Takiguchi were all part of the original nine-member Idoling!!! and have been with the group for about two and a half years. Michelle was one of the nine members that joined the group in April of 2008, putting her tenure at about one year. Kato, Eto, and Takiguchi each have active careers in the gravure idol business, and they each have their own personal blogs. Michelle, on the other hand, has no known projects outside of Idoling!!!, so her future is unclear at this point in time.

Idoling!!!'s fifth live concert is temporarily titled Idoling!!! Sotsugyou Live and will be held on March 18, 2009 at Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall. This concert will also be broadcast live for one hour on Fuji TV 721.

Source 1: Idoling!!! Nikki #86
Source 2: Idoling!!! Official Web Site


Schedule Updates - 2009.02.06

  • Mai Endo and Hitomi Sakai are scheduled to appear at the Ukulele Picnic in Hawai'i 2009 event on February 14.
  • The regular Love Berry, B.L.T., and Scola magazine appearances have been added to the schedule for February.
  • Hitomi Miyake appeared on Radical League's Friday show, Hata Youku no Yume made Tequila, on January 30.
  • Idoling!!!'s 4th Live concert will be highlighted in a half-hour time slot on the regular over-the-air Fuji TV channel on February 11.