Episode Review : Idoling!!! - 20101108 #690

Participating Members
Mai Endo, Erica Tonooka, Erika Yazawa, Fonchi, Yui Kawamura, Nao Asahi, Ami Kikuchi, Hitomi Sakai & Ai Okawa

Hidetomo Masuno, Sara Hosogai

Song Performance
Sunadokei [Idoling!!! (2010)]

Main Segment
Oshiete! Koutsuu Rules
(Let's teach! Traffic Rules)

This time around its back to the good old teacher student episode again but first of all something really awesome happens in this episode:


A new FujiTV announcer~! She's Hosogai Sara and she appeared once before this during iisou shiritori back in episode #682. Right after the entrance of the 3rd gen into Idoling!!! we only had Morimoto Sayaka and Saito Maiko as the assistant MC and a few throwback episode with Ishimoto Saori back during the 600th episode. Obviously Sara was totally tensed out during the show, she was fumbling with her words all around the episode.

One thing about this episode is that its full of little errors, one of the really clear cut mistake would be this:

It's written there Kawamura Yui during Asahi's self introduction

This episode is ran by Umeko and Sakacchi and they were about to teach the members on trafic rules. Being among the oldest in the group and having a real driving license they were basically showing off to the rest of the crowd about having a license. Although Umeko was dubbed by Masuno as "a suspect" when he saw he picture on her driving license.

Gotta love the cosplay

Well Idoling!!! members aren't well known for being geniuses anyways so its kind of expected that they were going to give some whack out answers for this episode also. One thing about this episode though, Masuno's answer seems to always overshadows all the other members answer throughout the show.

Your answers are amazing but this is Idoling!!! and not any comedy show grand prix... ~ Kikuchi Ami

When the girls were asked to guess what is the meaning of this sign
"Be careful of car falling down backwards from the uphill"

Sakacchi was pretty calm in this episode though, Umeko on the other hand panic non-stop. It kind of kill the tempo of the show, since it has quite a few awkward silence every now and then but that is so Umeko to be overly cautious about things.

blushing umeko is really cute (fanboy alert)

In the end, this is a decent episode and if Umeko did not panic too much I'm sure that it would've been an awesome episode. The two did pull off a good episode before this with the Book Keeping lessons in episode #523. Hopefully they'll be much better after this.

I wonder if Amimi can have a segment like this? It'll be crazily awesome if she does.

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