Suzuka Morita Cast in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger

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The main cast for the upcoming 2009 Super Sentai series, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, has been revealed, and it includes Idoling #11, Suzuka Morita. Morita has been chosen to play Kotoha Hanaori (Shinken Yellow), making her the first Idoling!!! member to act in a tokusatsu series. The other cast members include Tori Matsuzaka, Hiroki Aiba, Shogo Suzuki, and Rin Takanashi.

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger is expected to start in January after the end of the current Super Sentai series, Engine Sentai Go-onger. In the meantime, enjoy Idoling!!!'s performance of the Engine Sentai Go-onger ending theme, Engine First Lap. Thanks to Ayabie for the news and moomisoling2 for uploading the video to YouTube.

Schedule Updates - 2008.12.30

  • The regular Love Berry, B.L.T., and Scola magazine appearances have been added for January.
  • Members of Idoling!!! will appear in memew Special Edition Aqua Vol.2 on January 31.
  • Mira Takiguchi, Erika Yazawa, and Nao Asahi appeared on Ahoyanen! Sukiyanen! on December 25.
  • Mira Takiguchi will be a guest on Bus de Koishite on December 29, January 3, and January 5.
  • Erika Yazawa will appear on yet another Shimura Ken no Bakatonosama special on January 8.


Schedule Updates - 2008.12.17

  • All of Idoling!!!'s currently scheduled events for Hot Fantasy Odaiba 2008-2009 have been added to the schedule.
  • In addition to Erica Tonooka, Rurika Yokoyama will appear in U-19 CM Bishoujo Selection 100 on December 15
  • Maria Eto has her first DVD (and first solo work) scheduled for release on March 27.
  • Rumi Koizumi, Fonchi, and Hitomi Miyake appeared on Premiere no Soukutsu on December 17.
  • Sayaka Kato, Rumi Koizumi, Mai Endo, Mira Takiguchi, Yui Kawamura, and Hitomi Sakai will appear on Katopan on December 18 and 19.
  • Sayaka Kato, Mai Endo, and Hitomi Sakai will be on Hitoshi Matsumoto no Suberanai Hanashi The Golden on December 27. They will most likely be in the audience, much like they were in the episode from June.
  • There will be an Idoling!!! special episode on December 28.
  • Sayaka Kato will appear on Bakushou Pink Carpet Toshikoshi SP on January 1.


Schedule Updates - 2008.12.09

  • Serina Nagano will have a release event on December 23 for her upcoming photobook, Sugao.
  • Idoling!!! will appear at the Push★1 idol audition event along with AKB48 on January 31.
  • Erica Tonooka will appear in U-19 CM Bishoujo Selection 100 on December 15.
  • Idoling!!! will appear in Young Gangan on December 26.
  • Serina Nagano's upcoming photobook now has a title: Sugao.
  • The upcoming Kyun Kyun Idoling!!! and Ban Ban Idoling!!! songs now have titles: Beta na Shitsuren and Haruka naru Virgin Road, respectively.
  • Mai Endo, Erica Tonooka, and Erika Yazawa will have their Tetsudou Musume episodes released on DVDs on February 4.
  • Erika Yazawa appeared/will appear on Marco Porori! on December 7 and 14.
  • Furifuri Idoling!!! appeared on Premiere no Soukutsu on December 10.
  • Sayaka Kato, Maria Eto, Hitomi Sakai, and Ami Kikuchi will appear on Copitte! on December 13.



As if the new Idoling!!! sub-units weren't enough news for this month, it was announced that in February of 2009, a collaboration unit consisting of members from Idoling!!! and AKB48 will be releasing a CD single. Both Idoling!!! and AKB48 will appear at the upcoming Push★1 idol audition event on January 31, and during the press conference for the event, AKB48 producer Yasushi Akimoto announced that a new collaboration unit named AKB-Idoling!!! would make its debut at Push★1. Members from both groups will be selected to be in the new unit, and they will release their single under the Pony Canyon label. This collaboration also opens the doors to allow the groups to appear on each other's TV shows.

Big thanks to Ayabie for the news.

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On today's episode of Idoling!!!, it was announced that the group would be split into four special sub-units and compete against each other on the Oricon charts. The four sub-units are as follows:

Furifuri Idoling!!!
Mai Endo, Rurika Yokoyama, Suzuka Morita, Hitomi Sakai

Gizagiza Idoling!!!
Rumi Koizumi, Fonchi, Hitomi Miyake, Michelle Miki

Ban Ban Idoling!!!
Sayaka Kato, Maria Eto, Mira Takiguchi, Serina Nagano, Ami Kikuchi

Kyun Kyun Idoling!!!
Erica Tonooka, Erika Yazawa, Yui Kawamura, Nao Asahi

Furifuri Idoling!!! and Gizagiza Idoling!!! will release a double-A-side single on December 17. The groups' songs are titled, Hannin wa Anata desu and Na・Ga・Ra, respectively.
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Ban Ban Idoling!!! and Kyun Kyun Idoling!!! will also release a double-A-side single, but it is currently untitled and will be released on January 1. The daily rankings of both singles will be closely monitored during their release periods, and the groups that perform better on the charts will be rewarded.

Furifuri Idoling!!! performed Hannin wa Anata desu on today's episode of Idoling!!!, and it can be viewed through YouTube thanks to moomisoling2.

Big thanks to Ayabie at Forever... Idoling!!! for the information and images.

Source: Idoling!!! episode #444

Schedule Updates - 2008.12.02

  • Mai Endo, Mira Takiguchi, Fonchi, Yui Kawamura, Nao Asahi, and Hitomi Miyake made a couple of appearances at the movie premiere of Pyocotan Profile on November 29.
  • Idoling!!! will have a couple of release events for their upcoming photobook on December 13 and 21.
  • Mira Takiguchi, Erica Tonooka, Yui Kawamura, and Ami Kikuchi appeared on The Dave Fromm Show on November 28.
  • Furifuri Idoling!!! and Gizagiza Idoling!!! will release a double-A-side single titled Hannin wa Anata desu / Na・Ga・Ra on December 17.
  • Ban Ban Idoling!!! and Kyun Kyun Idoling!!! will release a double-A-side single on January 7.
  • Sayaka Kato, Mai Endo, Erica Tonooka, and Fonchi appeared on Nabeachi! earlier today.
  • Mai Endo, Fonchi, Hitomi Sakai, and Hitomi Miyake will appear on Otoko Oba-san Moero! Digital Bu on December 3.
  • Sayaka Kato, Mai Endo, Hitomi Sakai, and Nao Asahi will appear on Sakigake! Ongaku Banzuke ~Jet~ on December 4.
  • Fonchi will appear on Chakushin Onrei! Keitai Oogiri on January 1.