Battle of the new Idoling!!! unit @ Yahoo! Japan

So, it has been announced that Idoling!!! will be holding a poll between 10 pairs whereas the winners will be getting their own coupling song featured in the next single. You are not restricted to one vote only, so you're free to vote for all of your favorites! The winner is temporarily scheduled to be announced on 12/7. Now, the pairs are as followed:

Team Hitorikko (#3 Endou Mai, #19 Tachibana Yurika)
"We're free to choose whatever we want to play. The unique duo with no time to waste"

Team OGI (#9 Yokoyama Rurika, #12 Kawamura Yui)
"They're here to battle with their dance moves and singing. The calm Twin Tower Duo"

Team BOX (#6 Tonooka Erica, #13 Nagano Serina)
"10+ years of searching for a punchline. Will they be continuing tomorrow? It's the identical agency duo"

Team Dodge Innen (#11 Morita Suzuka, #24 Nomoto Manami)
"The junior is the one dominating? Seniority doesn't matter - it's the competitive duo from Kansai"

Team Oozumou (#20 Ookawa Ai, #26 Ojima Chika)
"It all started with these two. The rival duo with Crybaby & Cool"

Team Gakuran (#15 Asahi Nao, #25 Gotou Kaoru)
"The people who know them, know them. Only seen in the PV - the handsome duo making your heart beat"

Team Touzai Ryouyokozuna (#8 Fonchi, #14 Sakai Hitomi)
"We're the ones who look the best with a ☆! The all-around?! Yokozuna of East and West duo"

Team Ha-Ta-Chi (#7 Yazawa Erika, #16 Kikuchi Ami)
"With the newly-earned title of ADULT - the more powered up classmate duo"

Team Ojousama (#17 Miyake Hitomi, #23 Itou Yuuna)
"Dog- and cat-lovers are all welcome. The wee selfish high-class lady duo"

Team Sainenshou (#21 Hashimoto Kaede, #22 Kurata Ruka)
"Idiot x Idiot - a chemical reaction on a different dimension. The strongest to currently exist? It's the youngest member duo"

Also, clicking on their pictures brings you to their profiles accompanied with a video with comments!

Official site: アイドリング!!!新ユニット期待度番付ング! ネット番付2010決選投票!

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