Episode Review : Idoling!!! - 20110315 #728

Participating Members
Mai Endo, Erica Tonooka, Fonchi, Rurika Yokoyama, Suzuka Morita, Yui Kawamura, Serina Nagano, Hitomi Sakai, Nao Asahi, Ami Kikuchi, Hitomi Miyake, Yurika Tachibana, Ai Okawa, Kaede Hashimoto, Ruka Kurata & Yuna Ito.

Hidetomo Masuno, Maiko Saito

Song Performances
Yarakai Heart [Idoling (2011)]

Main Segment
Oh Really!? Idoling!!!
(Honmadekka!? Idoling!!!)

This time around Idoling!!! brings you the new segment called Honmadekka Idoling!!! Honmadekka!? is actually another Fuji TV show, Saitou-san did asked to Masuno whether is this plagiarism okay and Masuno said its absolutely fine because this is different and original.

Basically the segment is about discussing about any pressing matters and making sure that the topic is valid and true. Pretty much like Dou Suru!? Dou Naru Idoling!!! Its just that this time we have bells~ and bells are awesome.

The first one to take the shot is the old girls pair of Endou & Sakacchi. Apparently these two are always so slow that they are causing trouble for the other members. They are so slow that whenever they walk together, the pair will definitely be left behind metres away, they can't do rehearsal until the two arrives and it takes them 2 turns of traffic light in order for the whole group to pass.

Next up is the problem with Amimi, the girl will always sleep in between/after any job. After a concert, she'll always be sleeping first and only then be making her way home.Apparently its a bother during Shinahachi and stuff but all of that is not important because after all that jazz Amimi showed the world that she is awesome by getting the sound effects support from the staff.

Yeah you have every rights to be proud of it girl~

Lotsa people seems to have a problem with Suu-chan's "wtf" look practise session. Hey who wouldn't?

Finally its Asahi bombardment time. First of all everyone is complaining about her wanting to grow her hair up. It wouldn't be a big deal if she just wants to let it grow but since she said "there's too many people with short hair now, they are taking away my identity" it kinda caused a bit of a havoc. Next, people starts to complaint about how she is becoming less and less POP now. She's starting to wear black a lot and less of those flashy colours and she replied to all that with a single phrase

"I wanna be a grown up!!!"

Any episode where the members can just sit down and talk is usually a good episode, and they really need to bring back Onegai Fan Sama already.


  1. Nice recap. I usually don't like the talking episodes but this one was pretty good. Hiichan missing the bell and pounding the table instead was a high point as well!

  2. haha yeah that was quite some point there by Hii-chan. Hii-chan has definitely gone a little weird lately and that just made her all the cuter XD