Episode Review : Idoling!!! - 2011.03.07 #725

Idoling!!! - 2011.03.07 #725

Participating Members
Mai Endo, Erica Tonooka, Erika Yazawa, Fonchi, Rurika Yokoyama, Suzuka Morita, Yui Kawamura, Serina Nagano, Hitomi Sakai, Nao Asahi, Ami Kikuchi, Hitomi Miyake, Kaede Hashimoto & Ruka Kurata.

Hidetomo Masuno, Maiko Saito

Song Performances
Yarakai Heart [Idoling (2011)]

Main Segments
Idoling!!! Spring Sumo Tournament: Thw Fated Showdown of 1st gen vs 2nd gen
(Ozumo Harubasho: 1-kisei vs 2-kisei Innen no Taiketsu)

This time around is the sumo matchup between the 1st gen and the 2nd gen! There's just so many things at stake this time especially since both gens started off with the same amount of members, 9. Initially, the addition of the 2nd gen really perplexed the 1st gen. Afterall they were the ones that brought Idoling!!! from zero to hero. As time goes on relationship between all the gens are getting great but lately the 2nd gen has been stealing the spotlight. Its about time for the 1st gen to make their stand.

The first two matches were between Kikuchi X Yazawa and Yokoyama X Kawamura. Masuno finds both of them boring and just skimmed through the 2 matches. Yazawa's stance of defeat however, is worth a mosaic or two.

3rd Round is between Box Corporation girls, Tonooka X Nagano. Tonooka bearing the sports girl's honor just have to make her stand this time around. The score was 1-1 and after a quite a long round the win goes to Tonooka. I guess its the first time to see a round worthy of calling it as a 'match' XD. Nagano did great though, too bad she couldn't beat 1st gen's pecking duck.

4th Round is between Endou X Morita and Masuno declared that its a no holds barred match. Obviously our shinken yellow is going to win this and at the end of the match again we see just how darn short Endou's skirt is.
Our little Kyoto Samurai

The last 3 rounds are Fonchi against Miyake, Asahi and Sakai. Miyake was a breeze, snuffed out of the ring faster than anyone else. Asahi on the other hand was brilliant! Her grandmother is getting sad that she's not getting air time on the national satellite broadcast and with that in mind, miraculously deflected Fonchi's push away.

Fonchi X Sakai was a pure fight of power and the winner of the round brought glory to their respective team.

Kaede and Ruka were invited as guest for the matches. Kaede was amazed that the 2 gens could pull out a decent show although 3rd and 4th gen aren't around while Ruka thought that Idoling!!! is just plain awesome.

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  1. Thanks for the summary. I love these sumo shows. It was odd to see it come off with no Ookawa tears this time. I hope they do a 3rd vs 4th gen battle soon.