Idoling!!! 15th Single - Yarakai Heart

Full details of Idoling!!!'s next single have finally been revealed on Pony Canyon's website. The details are as followed:

1. やらはいはぁと (Temp romanization: Yarakai Heart)
2. Queen bee~少女の時代から~ (~Shoujo no jidai kara~)
3. 粉雪が舞う街並みで (Konayuki ga Mau Machinami de)
4. いち恋 (Ichigoi) *Regular edition only

5. やらかいはぁと(Instrumental)

The single is to be released on 3/2 in three different versions which are the regular edition (PCCA.03346), Limited Edition A (PCCA.03344) and Limited Edition B (PCCA.03345). Note that track 4 is only featured in the regular edition and is most likely Team Gakuran's song. Limited A will include a QT card while Limited B has an extra DVD.

Source:  Pony Canyon, Idoling!!! Official Website

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