Idoling!!! 13th Single - Poolside Daisakusen


I know it's kind of late for this, but better late than never, right? Anyway, here are the details of Idoling!!!'s 13th single, Poolside Daisakusen. The tracklist is as follows:

1 - プールサイド大作戦 [Poolside Daisakusen]
2 - GO EAST!!! GO WEST!!!
3 - ドキドキが止まらない [Dokidoki ga Tomaranai]
4 - プールサイド大作戦 (Instrumental) [Poolside Daisakusen (Instrumental)]

For the B-sides on this single, the group was split evenly in half with the older members singing GO EAST!!! GO WEST!!! and the younger members singing Dokidoki ga Tomaranai.

This single will be released in three editions on August 4, 2010. The differences between the editions are very similar to the previous single. Limited edition A (PCCA-03216) comes with a trading card and a DVD featuring the PV and making videos for both the PV and the CD covers. Limited edition B (PCCA-03217) comes with a QT card that has a QR code that a Japanese cell phone can use to access exclusive Idoling!!! videos. The standard edition (PCCA-03218) comes with a trading card. Once again, additional bonus items will also be given to customers who buy the single from select retailers.

Now, to make up for bringing this news so late, here's a bunch of media related to the new single!

Poolside Daisakusen PV:

GO EAST!!! GO WEST!!! Radio Preview

Dokidoki ga Tomaranai Radio Preview

Poolside Daisakusen Live Performance

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