Idoling!!! Imatsubu Accounts

Each member of Idoling!!! has opened an account on Imatsubu, Fuji TV's Twitter clone. Idoling!!!'s producer, Seita Kadosawa and MC, Hidetomo Masuno have been using Twitter for months, but this is the first time the Idoling!!! members have used a microblogging service.

Imatsubu accounts can be viewed without logging in, but if you want to follow your favorite members or send them messages, you'll have to create an account. Luckily, registration is free for anyone who can fill out the form. For those who already have Twitter accounts, Imatsubu has a Twitter integration feature that automatically sends your Imatsubu messages to your Twitter account.

I have added links to all of the Idoling!!! members' Imatsubu accounts to a new link list on the right side of this blog. There, you can also find links to Masuno's Twitter account and Kadosawa's Twitter and Imatsubu accounts.


  1. could you explain how to connect imatsubu with twitter ???

  2. never mind. already connected.

  3. how register in the imatsubu ??

    i dont know japanese but who go knows if they know english ehehe :x