Idoling!!! 4th Generation and 8th Live


The final round of the Idoling!!! 4th generation member auditions was held on March 6 at the Yoshimoto Prince Theater in the Shinagawa Prince Hotel. The 10 remaining auditioners were given their final opportunities to appeal to the judges, and when it was all said and done, 5 girls were chosen to become the new 4th generation members of Idoling!!!

(From left to right in the picture above)
Idoling!!! #22 - Ruka Kurata (倉田瑠夏, 13, Osaka)
Idoling!!! #23 - Yuuna Itou (伊藤祐奈, 14, Tokyo)
Idoling!!! #24 - Manami Nomoto (野元愛, 14, Osaka)
Idoling!!! #25 - Kaoru Gotou (後藤郁, 14, Oita)
Idoling!!! #26 - Chika Ojima (尾島知佳, 15, Chiba)

The addition of the 4th generation members brings Idoling!!!'s roster up to a total of 20 members. The final round of the 4th generation auditions will be broadcast as Idoling!!! @ Hachitama Live Vol.9 on Fuji TV NEXT on March 19.

Idoling!!!'s TV show will go on break after the March 18 episode. The 4th generation members will make their TV debut when the show comes back on April 1, and their first live concert will be the 8th live. Speaking of which...

Idoling!!!'s 8th live, Kono Kimochi wa, Sou da, Are da, Koi Nan Deshoung!!!, will take place on May 3 at Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall. This will be Idoling!!!'s second concert series at C.C. Lemon Hall, the first one being last year's Idoling!!! Sotsugyou Live that featured the graduations of 4 Idoling!!! members. As with the previous live, this one will have afternoon and evening shows. In addition to the concert debut of the 4th generation members, this should also be the first live concert to feature songs from Idoling!!!'s newest album, SUNRISE.

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