Idoling 7th Live ~Jinsei = Shuugyounaringu!!!~

We now have information on the group's next live, and with the 4th generation audition playing a big part this might be the most exciting concert yet, depending on how you look at it of course.

The concert will take place at Tokyo Kouseinenkin Kaikan ten days from now on 1/24. Two performances are scheduled with the evening one being broadcast as usual on Fuji TV Next. As for the audition, there are currently 15 nominees announced which can be found here.
The nominees will make an appearance at the stage on the 7th live, where they can make further appeal to the audience.

Source: Idoling!!! Official Web Site


  1. So, what do you think about those 15 nominees Silverbolt?

    Not very good looking and many of them are too young. That's my opinion.

  2. I agree that none of them are particularly good looking. I'm also not a fan of the ever-decreasing ages of the new members. But, Idoling!!! is a group that's all about on-screen personality. So, as long as the new members bring something interesting to the table, I'll be fine with whoever they choose.