Idoling!!!'s Second Anniversary

Today marks the second anniversary of the start of Idoling!!! and their TV show. To kick off the group's third year of activity, their web page has been redesigned. Check it out:
Idoling!!!'s Web Site

There will also be some changes to Idoling!!!'s TV show. Starting on November 3rd, Idoling!!! and Idoling!!! Nikki will switch places during the week on Fuji TV 721 and CSHD. So, for the group's normal 17:00~17:30 time slot, Idoling!!! Nikki will air on Monday, and Idoling!!! will air on Tuesday through Friday. The time slot for Idoling!!! Nikki on Fuji TV's standard broadcast channel will remain on Friday.

Also, Fan-sama Request!!! will be replaced by Onegai! Onegai! Fan-sama!!!, which is a revival of the old Onegai! Fan-sama!!! segment. Since most episodes do not feature all of the group's members, each Onegai! Onegai! Fan-sama!!! topic will be used for an entire week, which should allow each member a chance to read their chosen fan messages.

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