Idoling!!! Fourth Single Update

Last month, it was announced that Idoling!!!'s newest song, Tokimeki Dreaming!!!, would be used as the image song for the Robo Japan 2008 event, and it was widely assumed that this song would be used as the main track for Idoling!!!'s next single. But, it was recently announced on both Idoling!!!'s TV show and web site that Tokimeki Dreaming!!! would be on the next single, but it will not be the main track. The main track of the group's upcoming fourth single actually has yet to be announced.

It is possible that the single will have two main tracks like their first two singles (Ganbare Otome (Warai)/friend, Snow Celebration/Moteki no Uta), but it is more likely that Tokimeki Dreaming!!! will be a coupling track on the single along with Lemon Drop.

Thanks to Ayabie for the tip.


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