Idoling!!! 6th Live Information

For those who haven't been checking the schedules linked on the right side of this blog, Idoling!!!'s 6th live concert series, Ya! On!! ng!!!, is scheduled for late September. There will be three shows, one on September 22 and two on September 23. All of the shows will be held at Hibiya Open Concert Hall, and the last show will be broadcast live on Fuji TV Next.

The above clip from this week's Idoling!!! Nikki has some very interesting information about this upcoming live. There will be a live backing band performing with Idoling!!! The band's members are as follows:

Bass - ucchy
Drums - Junichi Haruki
Guitar - Kei Oouchi
Keyboard - Ena Kitajima

In addition to this band, another band will perform at this concert... a band that features the following Idoling!!! members:

Bass - Mai Endo
Drums - Rurika Yokoyama
Guitar - Yui Kawamura
Keyboard - Ami Kikuchi
Keyboard - Yurika Tachibana

As far as I know, Endo, Yokoyama, and Kikuchi definitely have experience playing their instruments, but I'm not really sure about Kawamura and Tachibana. Idoling!!! fans have already heard Kikuchi play the piano live, but now we finally get to hear the musical talents of some of the other Idoling!!! members.

This is shaping up to be a great live. Thanks to idoling17 for uploading the video to YouTube.

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