Sayaka Kato, Maria Eto, Mira Takiguchi, Michelle Miki to Graduate from Idoling!!!

On the February 13th episode of Idoling!!! Nikki, it was announced that Sayaka Kato, Maria Eto, Mira Takiguchi, and Michelle Miki would graduate from Idoling!!! at the group's fifth live concert on March 18. Kato, Eto, and Takiguchi were all part of the original nine-member Idoling!!! and have been with the group for about two and a half years. Michelle was one of the nine members that joined the group in April of 2008, putting her tenure at about one year. Kato, Eto, and Takiguchi each have active careers in the gravure idol business, and they each have their own personal blogs. Michelle, on the other hand, has no known projects outside of Idoling!!!, so her future is unclear at this point in time.

Idoling!!!'s fifth live concert is temporarily titled Idoling!!! Sotsugyou Live and will be held on March 18, 2009 at Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall. This concert will also be broadcast live for one hour on Fuji TV 721.

Source 1: Idoling!!! Nikki #86
Source 2: Idoling!!! Official Web Site


  1. THIS SUCKS!!! First Rumi, then my other two favorite members Maria and Mira D: And I thought Sayaka was really popular too...

  2. My n°1 is Maria...N°2 is Mira...This sucks !
    Seriously not sure to follow Idoling!!! now...

  3. wasn't there another one leaving? cause now they have 16 members with the other three members? amm lostt! help D=

  4. Idoling!!!'s roster is actually 15 members. See here:
    http://www.fujitv.co.jp/idoling/cast.htmlYou may be thinking of Rumi Koizumi, who left in January.