Schedule Updates - 2008.09.23

  • Fonchi has four release events scheduled for her upcoming image DVD, Cam On ~Daiji na Jikan~.
  • The Idoling!!! Season 2 DVD box set is scheduled for release on November 28th.


Schedule Updates - 2008.09.16

  • Serina Nagano has a second Ganbarimushroom DVD release event scheduled on October 19th.
  • Sayaka Kato, Mai Endo, Erica Tonooka, Fonchi, and Ami Kikuchi all have 2009 calendars scheduled for release within the next few months.
  • Suzuka Morita has a new image DVD scheduled for release on November 21st.
  • Sayaka Kato will appear on Vanilla Kibun! on September 27th.


Idoling!!! Fourth Single

A few details about Idoling!!!'s fourth single have been announced. The title will be Tokimeki DREAMing!!! and it is scheduled for release in November. It will be used as the image song for the Robo Japan 2008 event.



Schedule Updates - 2008.09.11

  • Serina Nagano has a release event scheduled on October 5th for her upcoming DVD and photobook.
  • Rurika Yokoyama will be participating in a special Trickster and Idoling!!! collaboration event on October 11th.
  • Fonchi, as part of her promotional work for Sangokushi Taisen Kai, was featured in an episode of an online YouTube show called Gal Kuni Kokorozashi Gaiden, published on September 4th.
  • Fonchi also appeared on the R25 Shiki Mobile web site for cell phones in Japan.
  • Ami Kikuchi appeared in an issue of Photo Technique Digital that was released on August 20th.
  • Serina Nagano appeared in volume 27 of chu→boh, which was released on September 3rd.
  • Sayaka Kato will appear in an upcoming issue of Young Jump that is scheduled for release on September 18th.
  • Erica Tonooka's upcoming image DVD, titled Refreshing, has been pushed back to September 30th.
  • Fonchi's upcoming image DVD now has a title: Cam On ~Daiji na Jikan~
  • Idoling!!!'s upcoming Odaiba Boukenou DVD now has a title: Idoling!!! in Boukenou Final ~uRa no Ura made Micchakung~
  • Mai Endo, Mira Takiguchi, Fonchi, Yui Kawamura, Nao Asahi, and Hitomi Miyake appeared on Taisou no Jikan on August 27th.
  • Hitomi Sakai appeared on Bakushou Red Carpet on September 3rd.
  • Mira Takiguchi will appear on a special 27 hour live TV show celebrating the 10th anniversary of Enta! 371. It is titled Onna no Ko Darake no 27jikan TV Housou Kaishi 10 Shuunen Kanshasai.


Mai Endo, Erica Tonooka, Erika Yazawa Added to Tetsudou Musume Cast

The cast of the upcoming drama based on a line of figures called Tetsudou Musume has been revealed, and it includes Idoling!!!'s own Mai Endo, Erica Tonooka, and Erika Yazawa. Other cast members include Ami Tokito, Rin Takanashi, and AKB48's Tomomi Kasai and Sae Miyazawa.

The drama series is titled Tetsudou Musume~Girls be ambitious and is scheduled to start this October.