Schedule Updates - 2008.09.11

  • Serina Nagano has a release event scheduled on October 5th for her upcoming DVD and photobook.
  • Rurika Yokoyama will be participating in a special Trickster and Idoling!!! collaboration event on October 11th.
  • Fonchi, as part of her promotional work for Sangokushi Taisen Kai, was featured in an episode of an online YouTube show called Gal Kuni Kokorozashi Gaiden, published on September 4th.
  • Fonchi also appeared on the R25 Shiki Mobile web site for cell phones in Japan.
  • Ami Kikuchi appeared in an issue of Photo Technique Digital that was released on August 20th.
  • Serina Nagano appeared in volume 27 of chu→boh, which was released on September 3rd.
  • Sayaka Kato will appear in an upcoming issue of Young Jump that is scheduled for release on September 18th.
  • Erica Tonooka's upcoming image DVD, titled Refreshing, has been pushed back to September 30th.
  • Fonchi's upcoming image DVD now has a title: Cam On ~Daiji na Jikan~
  • Idoling!!!'s upcoming Odaiba Boukenou DVD now has a title: Idoling!!! in Boukenou Final ~uRa no Ura made Micchakung~
  • Mai Endo, Mira Takiguchi, Fonchi, Yui Kawamura, Nao Asahi, and Hitomi Miyake appeared on Taisou no Jikan on August 27th.
  • Hitomi Sakai appeared on Bakushou Red Carpet on September 3rd.
  • Mira Takiguchi will appear on a special 27 hour live TV show celebrating the 10th anniversary of Enta! 371. It is titled Onna no Ko Darake no 27jikan TV Housou Kaishi 10 Shuunen Kanshasai.

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