Schedule Updates - 2008.08.04

  • Idoling!!! will appear at this year's Dai 7kai Tomoe-chan Folk Jamboree Sakazaki Kounosuke Shouten on August 8th.
  • Idoling!!!'s Thank You Talk Live-ing!!! events have been updated with times, locations, and participating members.
  • Suzuka Morita will have two release events for her new DVD, Pure Smile Morita Suzuka, on September 6th.
  • Fonchi will have a release event for her first photobook, Fon Fonchi, on September 13th.
  • The "usual" magazine appearances (Love Berry, anicanR, B.L.T.) have been added for August.
  • The Watanabe Entertainment duo of Rumi Koizumi and Hitomi Miyake appeared in Gekkan Debut on August 1st.
  • Erica Tonooka will appear in Young Gangan on August 12th.
  • Mai Endo, Erica Tonooka, and Serina Nagano will appear the October issue of Scola on August 25th.
  • Fonchi will appear in Girls on September 26th.
  • Mai Endo, Mira Takiguchi, and Yui Kawamura appeared on Radical League on July 29th.
  • Catalog numbers have been added to the upcoming Mai Endo and Mira Takiguchi DVDs.
  • Fonchi has her first photobook, titled Fon Fonchi, scheduled for release on September 5th.
  • Sayaka Kato, Rumi Koizumi, Erika Yazawa, Nao Asahi, and Michelle Miki appeared on Premiere no Soukutsu on July 30th.
  • Members of Idoling!!! appeared on Taisou no Jikan. on July 30th, July 31st, and August 4th.
  • Another round of Boukenou Final Memo episodes are scheduled for the weekdays from July 30th through August 5th. This time, the episodes will feature random groups chosen from Mira Takiguchi, Fonchi, Hitomi Sakai, Ami Kikuchi, Hitomi Miyake, and Michelle Miki.
  • Idoling!!! appeared on Sakigake! Ongaku Banzuke ~Jet~ on July 31st.
  • The dates and times for the August episodes of Idoling!!! Boukenoung have been added to the schedule. This show is actually a temporary replacement for Idoling!!!'s regular show, which has been on break since the middle of July.
  • Sayaka Kato, Maria Eto, and Hitomi Sakai will appear on Otoko Oba-san Moero! Digital Bu on August 6th.
  • Idoling!!! will appear as guests during Kaela Kimura's talk segment on Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ on August 25th.

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