News: Idoling!!! DVDs in June

Three new Idoling!!! DVD releases have been announced for the month of June.

Idoling!!! First Live 「Motto Ganbare Otome (Warai)」
Catalog Number: PCBP-51556
Release Date: 2008.06.18

This is a DVD of Idoling!!!'s first concert at the Shinagawa Stellar Ball back on December 15, 2007. Bonus features include a "making of" video from the Snow Celebration Music+Drama, an original mini drama, and a new member self-introduction video.

Idoling!!! Second Live 「Daiji na Mono」
Catalog Number: PCBP-51557
Release Date: 2008.06.18

This is a DVD of Idoling!!!'s second concert mini-tour, which included two shows at Shibuya-AX and one show at Osaka Big Cat. The DVD will mainly feature one of the Shibuya-AX shows, but will include bonus footage from the other two shows. Bonus features include rehearsal footage, a backstage documentary, and messages about the concert from the new members.

Idoling!!! Season 1 DVD Box
Catalog Numbers: PCBC-60921 (Limited), PCBC-60922 (Regular)
Release Date: 2008.06.27

At this point, the specifics of this DVD box are unclear. Presumably, it is a collection of early Idoling!!! episodes, but exactly which episodes, or even if they will be entire episodes, is unknown. The DVDs are stated to have a lot of behind-the-scenes bonus features, and the packages come with some extra goods. The regular edition comes with one poster picked randomly from a set of 18, and the limited edition comes with a photobook and a two-sided changing card.


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