News: Nine New Members Join Idoling!!!

As many Idoling!!! fans know, auditions were being held to find a new member for the group. The inability to distinguish singular nouns from plural nouns in Japanese led to the assumption that only one new member was going to join the group.

Today, a surprising announcement was made: Idoling!!! will have not one, but nine new members!

Therefore, the group will double in size to 18 members. At this point, only one of the new members' names has been revealed:

Idoling 10gou - Maia Kobayashi (小林麻衣愛)
Maia is a 19 year old girl who seems to have recently changed talent agencies. Because of that, information on her is difficult to find. Her old talent agency, Fitone (same as Sayaka Kato) seems to have removed her from their web site, and her rumored new talent agency, Watanabe Entertainment (same as Rumi Koizumi) doesn't have any information about her on their web site.

Big thanks to Ayabie~ for the tip.


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